Informatics Guest Speaker Series
Fall Quarter 2019

Friday, December 6, 2019

“Growing up Together: Designing Mobile Health Technology for Adolescents”

Lauren Wilcox, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, School of Interactive Computing
Georgia Tech

The US Office of Adolescent Health estimates that almost one in three adolescents age 12–17 have at least one chronic health condition, with 13 percent of adolescents having two or more conditions.

My research group at Georgia Tech has been contributing to the development and evaluation of computational tools that enable adolescents with chronic health conditions to manage, learn from, and communicate health-related data in privacy-preserving ways. Adolescence is a particularly complicated time during which pediatric patients are approaching autonomy—both developmentally and legally—and federal policy, state laws, and community norms are inconsistent regarding adolescent health care and privacy. In this talk, I will discuss implications for designing computing technology to support gradually-evolving autonomy and enable adaptive presentation, management and sharing of health information. For example, I will present a multi-phase study including medical centers across the U.S., which investigated how each organization manages adolescent and parental proxy access to electronic health record systems, and how Health IT systems can better support both the privacy and care management needs of adolescent patients.

At Google Health, Lauren Wilcox conducts research to align AI advancements in healthcare with the needs of clinicians, patients and family members. At Georgia Tech, Wilcox is an assistant professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology where she directs the Health Experience and Applications Lab (HX Lab). Her studies related to communicating patient-centered health information have been recognized by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) through a Dissertation Award in 2012 and by the NSF through a CRII award in 2015 and a CAREER award in 2017. She has authored several recognized papers (e.g., papers receiving editor's choice designation, best paper, and best paper honorable mention). Wilcox was a member of the Inaugural Class of the ACM Future of Computing Academy. She serves as co-chair of the Student Design Challenge at AMIA (2018, 2019). She frequently serves on the technical program committees for ACM CHI and EAI PervasiveHealth. Wilcox adopts research methods from the fields of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Health and Biomedical Informatics, to bring human-centered design to healthcare technology.

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