Inc.: “Distractions Are Costing Companies Millions. Here’s Why 66 Percent of Workers Won’t Talk About It” (Gloria Mark research cited)

March 22, 2018

One of the most shocking findings that we uncovered was that 34% of employees like their jobs less when they find themselves in a distracting workplace and 66% of workers have never discussed solutions to address workplace distraction with their managers. When workplace distractions are reduced, whether through training or policies, we found that 75% of employees are more productive, 57% have increased motivation, and 49% are overall happier at work. These statistics are further supported by findings from a UC Irvine study that show “people compensate for interruptions by working faster, but this comes at a price: experiencing more stress, higher frustration, time pressure, and effort. In addition to the negative emotional impacts on employees, businesses also feel the consequences since even the briefest interruptions can double a worker’s error rate.

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