Kobsa-edited UMUAI journal celebrates silver anniversary

July 24, 2015

User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction: The Journal of Personalization Research (UMUAI), an interdisciplinary journal edited by Informatics Professor Alfred Kobsa, celebrates its 25th anniversary with the August 2015 volume. The annual journal has long been a forum for research into the adaptability and personalization of interactive computer systems.

According to Kobsa, the journal has come a long way since its launch in 1991. “When the journal was launched 25 years ago the idea that computers should adapt to each individual user was virtually unheard of,” he says. “Today, however, personalization can be found everywhere on the Web.”

As an interdisciplinary forum, the journal serves audiences in several fields, including human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, the instructional sciences, information systems, linguistics, and the information sciences. It publishes papers on applications in office machines and consumer electronics, applications in ubiquitous and mobile computing, privacy and security of information for personalization, and cultural adaptation, among many other topics.

UMUAI consistently ranks high in field-specific metrics. According to 2014 Source-Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) statistics, the journal is ranked:

  • No. 5 among 84 journals in human-computer interaction
  • No. 4 among 918 journals in education
  • No. 5 among 507 journals in computer science applications
  • No. 12 among more than 1,000 journals in computer science
  • No. 5 among Microsoft Academic Search’s 26 human-computer interaction journals.

Since 2002, the journal has also been known for awarding the James Chen Annual Award for Best UMUAI Article, a $1,000 cash prize commemorating James R. Chen, a creative researcher in the area of user modeling and information retrieval, and twice a UMUAI author. Members of the editorial board form an award committee each year to evaluate the nominees