Informatics Seminar Series
Winter Quarter 2022

Friday, February 18, 2022

“Designing Opportunities for AI and UX in Healthcare”

Jofish Kaye & Erika Poole
Senior Director, Interaction Design & Artificial Intelligence &
Director, User Research
Anthem Health Platforms

What if doctors could pick the right medicines for you, not based on a limited clinical trial of 500 people, or the few hundred people they’d personally seen in their career, but instead on the medical records of millions of people with the same diseases in the real world? Machine learning has made such advances possible, but that work raises very real problems when end users, like doctors and nurses, interact with recommendations based on inference from large datasets, rather than from clinical trials. In this talk, Jofish and Erika talk about their work at Anthem Health Platforms at the intersection of AI, UR, IxD, and healthcare: about the processes to make that work happen, some guidelines for building such interfaces, and the implications of this work for HCI and Informatics.

Jofish Kaye, Ph.D, is Senior Director of Interaction Design & Artificial Intelligence at Anthem Health Platforms. He runs research teams to produce thoughtful and ethical HCI and AI products. He has served on the ACM Diversity & Inclusion Council, chaired CHI 2016, and has a long running interest in improving diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. He has a Ph.D in Information Science from Cornell and MS and BS degrees from MIT. 

Erika Poole is Director of User Research at Anthem Health Platforms. She's passionate about removing complexity & confusion in healthcare. Erika has a PhD in Human-Centered Computing and MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and BS in Computer science from Purdue University.

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