Past Dissertations






  • Nicolas Lopez, Assessing and Reducing the Impact of LDA’s Non-determinism in Software Engineering, advisor André van der Hoek
  • Benjamin Koehne, Collaboration Strategies Employed in a Virtual World while Performing Distributed Usability Inspections, advisor David Redmiles
  • Marisa Cohn, Lifetimes and Legacies: Temporalities of sociotechnical change in a long-lived system, advisor Paul Dourish
  • Xinru Page, Factors that Influence Adoption and Use of Location-Sharing Social Media, advisor Alfred Kobsa


  • Lilly Irani, Designing Citizens in Transnational India, advisor Paul Dourish
  • Ruy Francisco Cervantes, Innovation Infrastructures to Transform the Mexican Internet Industry: the Case of the Startup Community, advisor Bonnie Nardi
  • Leyna Cotran, A Tagging-Based Approach for Eliciting Requirements in Established Domains, advisor Richard Taylor
  • Joel Ossher, Component Utilization and Software Quality, advisor Cristina Lopes
  • Joel Ross, Assessing Understanding of Complex Causal Networks Using an Interactive Game, advisor Bill Tomlinson
  • Nick Mangano, Calico: An Early-Phase Software Design Tool, advisor André van der Hoek


  • Erik Trainer, Supporting Trust in Globally Distributed Software Teams: The Impact of Visualized Collaborative Traces on Perceived Trustworthiness, advisor David Redmiles
  • Silvia Lindtner, Cultivating Creative China: Making and Remaking Cities, Citizens, Work & Innovation, advisor Paul Dourish
  • Yongjie Zheng, Enhancing Architecture-Implementation Conformance with Change Management and Support for Behavioral Mapping, advisor Richard Taylor
  • Bryan Semaan, Recovery, Resilience and Beyond: ICT Use During Ongoing Disruption, advisor Gloria Mark
  • Nithya Sambasivan, Production of Use: Re-Conceptualizing the User in Low-Income Communities in Urban India, advisor Bonnie Nardi
  • Rosalva Gallardo Vallencia, How Software Developers Solve Problems by Searching for Source Code on the Web: Studies on Judgments in Evaluation of Results and Information Use, advisor Susan Elliott Sim


  • Patrick Shih, Brainstorming Beyond the Laboratory: Idea Generation Practices in Software Development Firms, advisor Gary Olson
  • Judy Chen, From Interaction to Performance in Public Displays, advisor Paul Dourish
  • Yasser Ganjisaffar, Tree Ensembles for Learning to Rank, advisor Cristina Lopes
  • Sara Javanmardi, Measuring Content Quality in User Generated Content Systems: A Machine Learning Approach, advisor Cristina Lopes
  • Yong Ming Kow, Rethinking Participation, advisor Bonnie Nardi
  • Eric Kabisch, Lived and Imagined: Information and Storytelling in Geographic Systems, advisor Paul Dourish
  • David Nguyen, Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Tracking and Recording Technologies in Everyday Life, advisor Gillian Hayes
  • Hiroko Wilensky, Re-examining Communities of Practice: Contradiction, Power and Reification in Professional Communities, advisor David Redmiles
  • Scott Hendrickson, Modeling and Evolving Software Product Line Architectures Using Change-Sets and Relationships, advisor Richard Taylor
  • Alex Baker, Theoretical and Empirical Studies of Software Development’s Role as a Design Discipline, advisor André van der Hoek


  • Wiwat Ruengmee, Designing and Evaluating a Tool to Support Program Comprehension and Evaluation in AOSD, advisor David Redmiles
  • Sushil Bajracharya, Facilitating Internet-Scale Code Retrieval, advisor Cristina Lopes
  • Anna Kristina Winbladh, Precise and Usable Requirements Through an Interactive Model-based Approach, advisor Debra Richardson
  • Art Hitomi, An Environment of Enabling on Demand Application Delivery, advisor Richard Taylor
  • Xianghua Ding, Performance Through Social Context Displays, advisor Don Patterson
  • Jose Romero-Mariona, SURE: Secure and Usable Requirements Engineering, advisor Debra Richardson
  • Sukanya Ratanotayanon, Creating, Maintaining and Building Task Specific Concern Map for Supporting as Needed Program Comprehension, advisor Susan Elliott Sim
  • Yang Wang, A Framework for Privacy-Enhanced Personalization, advisor Alfred Kobsa
  • Chris Jensen, Discovering and Modeling Open Source Software Processes, advisor André van der Hoek


  • Amanda Williams, Mobilizing Practice: Engaging Space, Technology and Design from a Thai Metropolis, advisor Paul Dourish
  • Sameer Patil, Reconciling Privacy and Awareness in Loosely Coupled Collaboration, advisor Alfred Kobsa
  • Norman Makoto Su, Temporal Patterns of Communication in the Workplace, advisor Gloria Mark
  • Leila Naslavsky, Using Traceability to Support Model-Based Regression Test Selection, advisor Debra Richardson
  • Justin Erenkrantz, Computational REST: A New Model for Decentralized, Internet-Scale Applications, advisor Richard Taylor
  • Robert Steven Abrams, Uncovering Network-Centric Organization, advisor Gloria Mark
  • Roberto Silva Filho, An Empirical Study of Publish/Subscribe Middleware Versatility, advisor David Redmiles
  • Lihua Xu, Multiple Objective Decision Analysis Applied to Software Architectures (MODASA), advisor Debra Richardson
  • Hazeline Asuncion, Architecture-Centric Traceability of Stakeholders, advisor Richard Taylor
  • Eric Baumer, Computational Metaphor Identification to Foster Critical Thinking and Creativity, advisor Bill Tomlinson
  • Johanna Brewer, Urban Aesthetics Reframing Mobility for Ubiquitous Computing, advisor Paul Dourish
  • Eugen Nistor, Concern-Driven Software Evolution, advisor André van der Hoek


  • John Georgas, Supporting Architecture-and Policy-Based Self-Adaptive Software Systems, advisor Richard Taylor
  • Douglas Grimes, Middle School Use of Automated Writing Evaluation: A Multi-Site Case Study, advisor Mark Warschauer
  • Jennifer Rode, An Ethnographic Examination of the Relationship of Gender and End-User Programming, advisor Paul Dourish
  • Anita Sarma, Palantír: Enhancing Configuration Management Systems with Workplace Awareness to Detect and Resolve Emerging Conflicts, advisor André van der Hoek


  • Eric Dashofy, Supporting Stakeholder-Driven Multi-View Software Architecture Modeling, advisor Richard Taylor
  • Michele Rousseau, Can One-To-One Laptops Level the Playing Field?, advisor Debra Richardson
  • Girish Suryanarayana, Selection and Architecture-Based Composition of Trust Models in Decentralized Applications, advisor Richard Taylor


  • Emily Navarro, SimSE: A Software Engineering Simulation Environment for Software Process Education, advisor André van der Hoek
  • Victor Gonzalez, The Nature of Managing Multiple Activities in the Workplace, advisor Gloria Mark
  • Jie Ren, A Connector-Centric Approach to Architectural Access Control, advisor Richard Taylor


  • Cleidson De Souza, On the Relationship between Software Dependencies and Coordination: Field Studies and Tool Support, advisor David Redmiles
  • Marcio Dias, A Flexible and Dynamic Approach for Reconfigurable Software Monitoring, advisor Debra Richardson


  • Jack Muramatsu, Social Regulations of Online Multiplayer Games, advisor Paul Dourish
  • Suzanne Schaefer, Informing Information (IT) Design: Multiple Differential Boundary Objects in California Public Higher Education Curricular Articulation, advisor Gloria Mark
  • Christian Luër, User-Centric Deployment Support in a Component Platform, advisor André van der Hoek
  • Peter Kammer, A Distributed Architectural Approach to Supporting Work Practice, advisor Richard Taylor