Alex Kaiser

B.S. Informatics, 2010

Why did you choose this major?

I was interested in the broader study of how people work with and use software, computers, and technology.

What has been your career path since graduating with your B.S.?

I’ve worked with a number of small companies and startups, helping to design software systems that assist people in the workspace.

What do you enjoy most about your current position?

I have a lot of flexibility to start and manage whatever projects I feel will be beneficial to the company, and I have a wide variety of experience and educational foundation to draw on. It lets me approach problems from different angles.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

I’m largely self-managed in my current job. A couple of times a week, I will meet with my boss to talk about our short-term plans and make sure we’re on the same page about where we’re going. Aside from this, I spend most of my day working on whatever my current task is – design, coding, asset creation, testing, etc. I also frequently spend a few minutes talking with my colleagues, which helps me understand the status and issues of our software platform, and lets me start thinking about how I can address them.

What was the best part of your experience at UCI?

The best part of my experience was working in teams with other students who were as motivated and engaged as I was, designing systems and solving problems within realistic problem spaces. It gave a great level of context to the material we were learning.

In what way(s) did your studies at UCI prepare you for your career to date?

My studies helped me learn to work as part of a team, and collaborate effectively with others on a multi-engineer project. It also taught me to be very efficient at learning new tools, or expanding on my current capabilities quickly and effectively. I gained a great appreciation for the many stages that have to go into software design in order for good tools to be produced.

What would be your advice to incoming students who might want to follow a similar career path?

Always be flexible in your idea of what you do. It is helpful for a software engineer to wear many hats, and be comfortable in each of them. Be open to new ideas, new tools, and new concepts. And never be discouraged by what you don’t know.


“My studies helped me learn to work as part of a team, and collaborate effectively with others on a multi-engineer project.”