Johnny Thoi

B.S. Business Information Management, 2012

Why did you choose this major?

I had actually started off in Computer Science and Engineering, but after a few years of it and taking MGMT 189 (Project Management in IT), I realized that I wanted to position myself closer to the business/functional side while still leveraging my technical background and abilities. BIM
allowed me to do that.

What has been your career path since graduating with your B.S.?

After graduating in June 2012, I started my career with Capgemini, a global IT Consulting firm as an IT Consultant. I have been with Capgemini since starting in September of 2012.

What do you enjoy most about your current position?

I enjoy working with specifically with clients and speaking with them regarding pain points and business objectives.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Recently, I have been traveling to the East Coast as my current project has been in sunny Florida! I am rolling off soon as my work here is done and soon will be commuting to North/South Carolina for another project. A typical work day involves many meetings with the business, our own internal team and then back to the desk to work on documentation and/or deliverables. We usually try to get in to the client site by 8/9 AM and leave at about 6/7 PM.

What was the best part of your experience at UCI?

I really enjoyed finding like-minded individuals in the two clubs I was a part of while at UCI. Delta Sigma Pi is a business fraternity I joined in order to meet successful men and women that would act as my business and personal mentors until this day. MAISS was also a great club that was started by some BIM majors in order to unite the BIM community. Whatever you do, try to join a club/organization that shares similar goals/standards as yourself. Also try to get a part-time job/internship. I like to have a full plate so what got me through UCI was being forced to balance school, work, family/friends, and clubs/organizational duties.

In what way(s) did your studies at UCI prepare you for your career to date?

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of my Business Information Management classes. I strongly feel and have expressed this to former/future students and faculty alike that the BIM major has been very well tailored for a student to go into a field like mine. It gives us a strong technical background, while also including very important classes: Project Management, Requirements Gathering, Databases; classes to which I draw knowledge and experience from on a daily basis.

What would be your advice to incoming students who might want to follow a similar career path?

Do it. The BIM major was designed extremely well. It features classes from the ICS major and the Business Administration major. You have some freedom as to what you would like to focus on as well so spend the first few years following the catalog and you’ll start to realize how you want to align yourself (more technical versus more business-oriented). Speak to the professors that you can see as mentors and ask them advice on how they succeed in their roles. Reach out to alumni who are more than happy to answer any questions about their careers if it pertains to your goals as well. And finally, have fun. The 4 years of college go by really fast, you don’t need to rush it; just soak it all in.


“I really enjoyed finding like-minded individuals in the two clubs I was a part of while at UCI.”