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ICS Informatics Professors make Computing Reviews’ Best of Computing notable books list

June 25, 2015

Computing Reviews’ Best of Computing notable bookComputing Reviews (CR), an Association for Computing Machinery/ThinkLoud publication, has released its 19th Annual Best of Computing list, a compilation of the most interesting books and articles published in 2014. Among the 87 books recognized on this year’s list are two from ICS faculty: Professor Cristina Videira Lopes’ Exercises in Programming Style and Professor Judith Olson’s Ways of Knowing in HCI. The Notable Books and Articles for 2014 list brings together influential items published in computing last year based on nominations from CR reviewers, category editors, editors-in-chief of journals, and others in the computing community.

Report shows ICS grad degrees lead to high-paying, low-stress jobs

June 5, 2015

Fortune / PayScaleThose graduating this spring with advanced degrees in statistics, informatics, computer science and other information sciences can rest easy, according to a graduate degree and job prospect report released by Fortune magazine. Time Inc.’s business magazine—best known for its business revenue ranking list the “Fortune 500”—commissioned career website PayScale to identify the top 15 graduate degrees that lead to lucrative careers, and those that lead to high stress and low pay. The top four graduate degrees included doctorates in statistics and computer science, and master’s degrees in biostatistics and human-computer interaction. Several information science-related degrees rounded out the top 15, including master’s degrees in statistics, computer science, software engineering, and information science.
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UCI ranked top school for game design and development, according to College Magazine and ACR

June 3, 2015

College Magazine / ACRCollege Magazine ranked UC Irvine first in its list “10 Best Schools for Gamers,” while the university placed in the top 20% nationally on the Animation Career Review’s (ACR) 2015 Game Design and Development School Rankings, both rankings came out in May 2015. ACR ranked UC Irvine’s game development cachet 25th nationally, eighth among public institutions and the sixth best on the West Coast. Among the reasons for the No. 1 ranking, College Magazine commended UCI’s consistently strong showing at the annual IvyLoL National Championship, a collegiate League of Legends tournament, observing: “With a gaming community half a thousand students strong, UC Irvine proves that games are only fun if you have people to share them with.”
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