Mark featured on KPCC’s AirTalk about multitasking in the workplace

May 2, 2016

Informatics Professor Gloria Mark was the featured expert on a May 2 segment of KPCC’s show AirTalk discussing her research into multitasking in the workplace.

The story titled “Is monotasking the new multitasking?” relies on Mark’s expertise to help answer the questions:

  • Multitasking in the workplace is typically lauded as an ideal capability for workers. But, how much work do multitaskers get done?
  • Is there a lack of focus, making people more susceptible to making errors? Is there value in concentrating on one task at a time?
  • How comfortable are you making the choice to zero in on one project at a time? How much time can you let pass before you check your email or twitter feed? Can you ignore a text?

Listen to the entire Mark’s interview on the AirTalk story.