Ruberg publishes ‘Queer Game Studies’ anthology

March 27, 2017

Assistant Professor of Informatics Bonnie Ruberg is releasing a new anthology titled Queer Game Studies on March 28 with co-editor Adrienne Shaw, assistant professor of media studies and production at Temple University, which offers readers an in-depth introduction to the vibrant realm of queer gaming culture. Queer Game Studies features 26 essays from a diverse range of perspectives, including game designer Naomi Clark, Assistant Professor in Women’s and Gender Studies Edmond Y. Chang, and Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies Derek A. Burrill, as well as chapters by Ruberg and Shaw.

Although video game studies have grown into a rich field in academia at many top universities, the study of queer games and culture in video games is often underrepresented. Queer Game Studies covers important subjects such as the representation of queer bodies, the casual misogyny prevalent in video games and the need for greater diversity in gamer culture.

Ruberg’s focus is advancing diversity in video games, particularly with regard to women, people of color and the LGBTQ community. Her scholarship brings queer theory to computing with significant potential impact in the UCI Department of Informatics.

There will be a book release party for Queer Game Studies at the 2017 Queerness and Games Conference at USC on April 1-2, 2017.